Rollcage 2

Racing 2000 Windows Take Two Interactive Futuristic Unconventional

Racing game with full on destruction

It's a racing game which is based on a futuristic theme and involves a lot of action and destruction as well. Apart form racing on various tracks, you will be speeding with your vehicle in tunnels and can even move your vehicle upside down on roofs. What I like in the game apart from the racing action is the action and destruction that you can cause while racing. You have a wide variety of weapons that you can use in the game to bring down your racing opponents. The weapons have their varied usage and if you collect the same weapon again, it will enhance its features and impact. The racing modes in the game are 12 in numbers and you will be able to unlock them slowly as you progress. The gameplay has all the elements which are needed in a racing game and also has good action elements incorporated in it. You will also counter various bonuses along the tracks which will enhance both the features of your weapons and your cars. The game physics involved in it is pretty good and the controls are really smooth. If you have played the previous installment of Rollcage, you will also love this one.

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