Racing 1999 Windows Psygnosis Futuristic Car and action

Futuristic and violent racer; really fun!

If you feel like taking a recipe you'd come to expect from a game such as Destruction Derby and apply it into a futuristic themed world, and then allow it to simmer for a bit, apply a nice set of textures, quite a few interesting game modes and all that, then you could very well end up with Rollcage, a game that embodies the spirit of arena destruction racers, but takes them to that next level of execution that makes them really stand out. Rollcage is also a game where you need to execute a lot of intricate maneuvers, flip your vehicle, bounce it, drive while scraping the walls of and even race on the ceiling of the special tunnel areas where the game takes place. It's thus, a completely circus and fare type of experience, where driving carefully, calculatedly has no real place in the equation. Instead, it's all about mayhem, about going crazy all over with the game. In terms of actual feel such a game could have only been executed if it was an arcade one, and that's what it is; easy to control, sprinkled with powerups and with missiles and other destructive thingies that can be attached to your cars. Graphically, well, it's a mixed bag of good looking and at times lesser bits, but overall, they game doesn't look half bad. Worth a go, for sure.

Great, fun and enjoyable

Rollcage is an arcade-style racing game that offers a lot of crazy fun like any other games in the genre, like MegaRace 3. Even though this game suffers from some bad game design, it's fortunate enough that the problems are so few, that you barely notice them, resulting in a great, fun and enjoyable game. Rollcage features double-sided cars, meaning that the tires are longer than the car's chasis and when you're car is flipped over, you can still continue racing without having to reset your car. One of the problems of the game is the numbers of cars you're given: there are only 6 cars available and a seventh one can be unlocked if you beat the game on "HARD" difficulty. Luckily, there is a good variety of tracks: four worlds with four tracks each, resulting in a total number of 16 tracks. The track design is quite unique and can offer intense racing sessions. Like some other games in the genre, you can use power-ups to help even the odds a bit. Unlike the others, here you have 2 slots for your power-ups, which is a good choice in design. The graphics are splendid and did I mention that Fatboy Slim made the original soundtrack for the game?

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