Rollercoaster Rumbler

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox Tynesoft Computer Software Shooter

Shooting while riding! real fun

It is an all-out shooter game which involves the roller coaster ride and is extremely fun and addictive. The plot in the game is that you will be riding in the roller coaster as it swings and moves up and down and goes through various deadly and thrilling curves. The goal is to hang on while the ride is on and shot the targets via turrets. Once the ride completes a cycle it will turn back and move in backward direction and you have to target the remaining or the left targets. The game goes on in the same fashion and you advance on in levels. The level designs in the game are very creatively designed and unique and they have their own dynamics in the form of roller coaster tracks and the variety of targets. Two player cooperative mode has also been designed in the game which allows you to work in collaboration with your buddy and is really fun. The controls are really top notch and the shooting action dynamics are spot on to allow you accurate and instant shooting. The A1 is really competitive and it is not simple to shoot the targets. Try High Roller after you are done with this one.

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