Simulation 1986 Dos Dosbox Tatsumi Flight Shooter

Below average production value, feels unfinished

Lock-On is an arcade like flight game, unfortunately, even for very low standards, very unpolished and very lacking in detail. It's a game that offers you enough diversity and enough oomph to allow you to kind of understand what it offer, but at no point does it draw you in, as it is surely quite opaque and not too well produced. So, what you are asked to do is to fly your ship and destroy the incoming enemies, in this very simply constructed world. It almost looks as if the game is unfinished, as a demo or proof of concept, and doesn't have many levels or types of challenges. Your fist few minutes with it are enough to demonstrate exactly what this game offers. So, ultimately, Lock-On is a pretty bleak and minimalist game, pretty short. Alternatively, if you want a more feature full flight game in a similar graphic visual set of clothes, see one of the early Microsoft Flight games, at least those were shipped feature full and had underwent a modicum of testing before hitting the market.

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