Simulation 1986 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Flight Space combat Shooter

Space combat simulation with detailed action

Here a classic title, Silpheed, a typical space combat shooter game which has not much in terms of the plot but many of you will enjoy. Now the plot is not something for which shooter games are played for and it is actually the action and variety to look out for. The game is a speedy action which involves space combat in a flying shooter and involves a great deal of variety in terms of the power ups and the destructive elements. You will pilot your aircraft through 20 levels which are quite distinct and well designed. All the levels have their own dynamics and offer you different power ups and weapons to shoot down the enemies. The graphics in the game are 3D and they allow for a great view of the action along with some fine-tuned animations. The game is also very good in terms of the controls as they are very responsive no matter whether you play with a keyboard or a joystick. The user interface in the game is also a feature to talk about. The enemies are not mindless freaks and you have to strategize your moves to engage them and kill them. Elite is another great game which I have always loved and recommended to everyone.

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