Dungeons of The Unforgiven

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Moraffware Humorous

The last great of the oldschool dungeon crawlers

The dungeon crawler, in its heyday, was a game that had little in terms of story, for many titles even, the story was more of an afterthought, the kind of few lines that were sprinkled in game (or, most of the time in the credits, or in the manual). However, when technology became more permissive and developers no longer had to go out of their way to produce technically playable and viable games, when saving two octets of data was no longer such an issue, well, that was the time when merging story with gameplay in first person dungeon crawler became a thing. It also became the time when dungeon crawlers, as they used to be produced back then, was no longer the norm, which is why Dungeons of The Unforgiven is such a special game, as it was one of the last to produce a recipe that would start to merge into other genres. So, yeah, expect a classic recipe, great graphics, and a story. I'd say you will enjoy it as it is alright even if not that polished, and it also has a very particular kind of first person perspective, with a sort of tilt shift effect applied (very slight though, very easy to overlook). Else, see Magic Candle 3, and, just as a warning, be prepared to have to learn a lot of keyboard commands; else you're gonna have a hard time playing this one!

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