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Destroy the intergalactic computer

In Xiphos an advanced AI computer, put in charge of an entire intergalactic civilization has went rogue, not allowing anyone to enter the region, nor allowing it for anyone to exit. This state of galactic limbo cannot be sustained any longer, and so you have been dispatched to take care of the situation and put, again, the situation back on track. The game is thus a shooter in space, relatively arcade in style, but, nevertheless, a pretty well done one. Most of the game you will play from the cockpit, from a first person perspective, and you will have to tackle vast armies of other vessels that have been sent by the AI. At times you will also face bosses, in the form of rogue space station and so on. There is also a trading portion to the game, but don't expect a full blown 4X game; this is just an action shooter in space, with some lite trading to allow you to buy new equipment and accessories. If you like it, you should also download Star Rangers similarly action oriented, yet with a more advanced strategic portion to it.

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