Action 1990 Dos UBI Soft Cartoon Science Fiction

Cyberpunk, americana heavy action game

I can't say that I understand how these developers combined muscle heavy, creatures with high intelligences, but I guess that is out of the equation as an issue. If you want a sort of action brawler/beat em up action game, you'll get your fix with this one. In it you will impersonate this robot man that feeds off electricity, and in order to get his dose he has to attach himself to electrical posts. His human side makes use of classic medicine, or rather, their game equivalent, which here is some pill bottles you'll accumulate as you move about. So, what Ranx is, is a low IQ action, with not that smart a roaster of thingies all coming to get you, which is quite interesting a thing, especially if you love very simple brawler games. It also has, storywise a hint of Neuromancer but it never goes that deep into the fabric of the story, it's more of an afterthought. Nope, Ranx is less about smart storytelling than it is mostly about direct gameplay, without any other distractions. So, play it, if you want a cyberpunk action game, with a cool protagonist.

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