Down in the Dumps

Adventure 1996 Dos Dosbox Dice Multi Media Europe B.V. Cartoon Puzzle based

A very unique and appealing game

Down in the Dumps is a funny cartoon based adventure game that is reminiscent of the Neverhood adventure game in the way of unique graphic detail and fun gameplay. The story of the game is about the Blubs, an extraterrestrial family, who crash with their spaceship on a landfill on Earth after being pursued by the villainous Khan and his criminal associates. Now that their ship is damaged, grandfather Blub sets you on a mission to find the parts needed for repair. Meanwhile, the evil Khan want to set your plans to ruin and bothers you almost all the time. There are five parts of the game, called toons, and you get to control two members of the Blub family as they try to find parts for the ship. Every episode has its own visual theme, and the visuals are quite outstanding and very appealing. You have to solve interesting puzzles by a point and click gameplay style, which is presented very good. The whole game has a unique and interesting atmosphere, and you will be hooked to the game from the very start to the end. Perfect for players of all ages, especially, preteens and teens. I liked the game very much and highly recommend it.

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