Disney's Hades Challenge

Adventure 1998 Windows Disney Cartoon Puzzle based

Hercules rocks!

Taking its cues from Disney's animated movie, Hercules, this is an enjoyable romp which displays the usual high standards we've come to expect from the House of Mouse in games like Aladdin and Lion King. It retains the distinctive look of the movie and combines it with some interesting gameplay, making this a good bet for fans of its inspiration, or simply those who enjoy a good game. Hercules himself is replaced by the player, who is charged by Zeus to complete a series of quests in order to save the land. You're issued with a handy boat for getting around and then it's up to you to put everything to rights. Missions are varied and include the likes of helping construction on the labyrinth to contain the legendary Minotaur, but you've got to keep an eye out for Pain and Panic, Hades' two little helpers who are only too keen to throw a spanner in the works. You also get little quizzes on the Olympian Gods, which is a nice extra and which help to make the game educational as well as entertaining. Hades Challenge really is quite a cracking little game. It leans more towards the strategy and edutainment side of things than many Disney licenses, but that's no bad thing as the various gameplay elements are implemented slickly and with intelligence. It's certainly a visually striking game, with some lush environments to enjoy and of course, lots of memorable character work, while the delicious sense of humor as seen in the movie is also present in abundance. All in all, an unexpected treat for Disney fans.

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