Saga: Rage of the Vikings

Strategy 1998 Windows Cryo Interactive Fantasy Isometric Medieval

The real proof that the RTS games evolve more and more

Saga: rage of the Vikings is a 1998 fantasy real-time strategy game, where an entire civilization with races like Men, Trolls, Centaurs, Elves, Giants and Dwarfs, is in your hands. This game si for all that are interested in the history of vikings and for those that want to play a high-quality RTS! As in all games of this genre, you have to develop your own settlement and its population, using the resources you have at your disposal. The buildings for each race contain housings, smiths and storehouses. The units are males, females and druids. The construction of buildings is made with resources gathered by the males and females. Another important resource is food, that can be obtained by working on the fields, searching for fruits, fishing, hunting and keeping kettle. Of course, there will be battles, and it will be necessary to train and build your army. After that, you will be allowed and fully prepared to launch campaigns against those that are threatening your civilization. Diplomacy is enabled in the game, and this means you can ally with other tribes and trade resources with them. The graphics are very well done, and the animations are spectacular, including the intro movie. This game is the real proof that the RTS games evolve more and more as the time passes!

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