Disciples 2: Dark Profecy

Strategy 2002 Windows Arxel Tribe Fantasy Turn based Isometric

A golden, classic TBS

Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy is turn-based strategy game developed by Strategy First and published by Infogrames. The game is a sequel to the 1999 game Disciples: Sacred Lands, the second proved to be more successful in terms of both sale and popularity. In my opinion, it's way better than the previous one in terms of gameplay, graphics and story. The are four different stories going on in the game, one for each of the four major factions: The Empire, The Undead Hordes, The Legions of the Damned and The Mountain Clans. During combat, you can now click on the enemy you want to attack on the battleground, rather than on the enemy's icon. The graphics are improved as well, giving us a more horrifying look. The attack animations and the character models are superb. The leveling system is back for the units, increasing the replay value so that you can experiment with the different units. The voice acting and music are outstanding.

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