Sakura Taisen

Action 1997 Windows Akella First Person Strategic scope

Go, go Imperial Floral Assault Squad!

This is a bit of a bizarre game, a typically bonkers mix of Japanese adventuring, dating simulator and RPG with turn-based combat doesn't quite live up to the best that the country has to offer, but which remains an intriguing experience, especially if you're into Season of Sakura. The game takes place in a strange alternate past, where Western technology is making its way through Japan, bringing the advantages of steam to the nation. However, when a dark cult threatens to destroy the world, it falls to an elite group of young women to step up and save the day. You play the role of the young lad whose job it is to control these lasses, which is going to take all your skill if you are to succeed. The gameplay mixes RPG elements such as exploration with dating sim aspects and turn-based combat, where you'll have to forge relationships with the girls which will affect their stats and the way the story unfolds. The RPG elements are a bit simple, as there's no leveling up or gear to find, while the combat plays out over isometric battlefields and uses a mix of physical and special attacks. Sakura Taisen is a bit of a curiosity and although it's not a must play, for those in tune with its very Japanese way of thinking, it should prove entertaining. The visuals aren't anything special, but manage to pack a reasonable amount of personality in, with some solid enemy design work. The mix of gameplay styles works quite well, and is perhaps one of the key attractions here, so if you are looking for something a little unusual, this certainly fits the bill.

Ported from Sega platform

This PC version of Sakura Wars has graphics that are superior than the Sega Saturn original. And the controls are far more easy to access in this PC version (due to the fact you are using a mouse which was the best way to play Sakura Wars). Everything that made the original game such a wonderful masterpiece remain in this port, plus the beautiful cutscenes are showed with higher resolution. Sakura Wars was already the best console JRPG ever made, and this port to the PC proves that fact!

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