Action 2005 Windows Sierra First Person Strategic scope

Great AI and a true action

SWAT 4 is a tactical first-person shooter game released in 2005 by Sierra Entertainment, a reputed company for its true innovative games. This game is comes after SWAT 3. You are an elite SWAT officer, and with your highly trained team have to protect the Los Angeles streets from the dangerous gangs willing to dominate the city. Beside this mission, your squad must save hostages, perform arrests and restore the peace and order in various locations. This game will offer you an intense action and realistic experience that combine the tactics of the police forces, the cool multiplayer, the top-notch artificial intelligence, the new and special weapons . I liked the unique challenges SWAT 4 gives. For example, you don't only have to protect citizens or hostages, but villains, as well. If a suspect proves that he isn't a threat for your squad or for innocent people, you aren't allowed to kill them. If you make mistakes related to lethal forces or if you shoot accidentally a character that isn't supposed to die, your mission will be failed or you will receive penalties. So, you must be careful, acting less like a Rambo. The graphics are rendered pretty well, giving you a pleasant and dynamic feeling,and the gameplay is smooth. Play this game if you want a real action!

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