Los Justicieros

Action 1996 Dos Dinamic Multimedia First Person Movie style

Adventure and shooting gallery game in the Wild West

Los Justicieros is a game that combines real footage graphics with adventure game bits that are based on pointing and shooting and on collecting by point and clicking. And therefore, Los Justicieros is a bit of a weird graphical blend, but, as you'll find out, it's highly playable and very satisfying, all in all. It will take you through ravines, it will take in western cities, and in many other spaces that you'd expect to find out in a western tinged game. Thus, you get a good shooter gallery game, but at the same time you get a cool game built around shooting and adventuring. Some of the later levels have some scripted events too, with choices sitting in the action that you take; you can kill a baddie or you can just let him go. It's definitely more than one would expect from a game with this kind of graphical and gameplay build. Similarly, download Depth Dwellers, this time a more sprawling shooter game, in full 3D, and with better overall construction, of the levels as well as the graphics.

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