Winter Challenge: World Class Competition

Sport 1988 Dos Tynesoft Computer Software Winter sports World competition

A very fun sports game

It is a sports game which is played from a third person perspective and involves many different sports like Biathlon, downhill skiing, sky jump, Bob sled and Slalom. Starting with the first feature in the gameplay, the gameplay is based on a very good gaming engine which has been designed in line with the theme of this game so that all the sports in it can be played with all the efficiency and the real dynamics that are involved in those sports. The good thing in the game is that all the sports have be calibrated with some wonderful and responsive controls that allow you to do the action quite swiftly. They allow you to perform all the moves that are normally seen in these sports. The user interface is also well designed and it guides you very effectively about how to play different sports and the combination of controls to perform the moves. The graphics are very good as the color combination is quite distinct in every game that you play. The level designs are also unique and the A1 is good enough to provide you a competitive ride. Overall the game is quite addictive and is very much like Winter Games.

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