Santa Fe Mysteries: The Elk Moon Murder

Adventure 1996 Windows Activision Mystery

Simple adventure mystery game

It is a mystery adventure game that has a conventional plot and a somewhat conventional gaming experience, the plot in the game is that a native artist has been killed and you have been appointed as a rookie detective to solve the case and find the one who killed him. The goal that you have in the game is gather detailed evidence about the killer so that you can get the arrest warrant against him. You have to do it in a matter of 5 days and every day only features 8 hours. The conventional thing in the game is how you gather the clues but the non-conventional thing in the game is that it does not involve any virtual puzzles. You will be interacting with all the suspects and other people involved in the case and listen to all what they have to say. You will also need to collect other clues that come step wise. The good thing in the game is that it involves a fair deal of logic in the gameplay and this makes the mystery solving pretty much possible and interesting. The graphics and the UI in the game are average and the controls are suitable. A more interesting theme in this category is The last Express.

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