Evidence the Last Report

Adventure 1996 Windows Dosbox Microids Mystery

An underrated adventure game

Evidence the Last Resort is a mixture of different genres put into one game is mostly considered to be an underrated classic. Developed by French company Microids, who also developed Syberia, the game is quite fun but it's not really a great game that some people claim. The story of the game is not quite original: you play as a reported that tries to prove his innocence after suspected of murdering his ex-girlfriend. Of course, this is of those types of storylines where the main character is being framed for murder and is racing against the clock to seek proof and eventually finding the real murderer. The game plays like a normal point-and-click game, with some action elements thrown into play. As the title suggest, you need to find evidence in the places you will put into, which is almost the equivalent of solving puzzles in other games. The graphics and sound are jaw-dropping indeed, most of the time you'd be just standing there, staring at the beautifully rendered graphics. Overall, Evidence the Last Resort is a fun, underrated action-adventure game that deserves a try.

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