Nemesis: The Go Master

Strategy 1991 Dos Nemesis Enterprises Board games

19x19, 13x13 and 9by9 Go!

Built directly on top of the DOS platform, and running in a graphical UI that looks pretty similar to that of the software suites of the era, in spite of this very business kind of look, Nemesis: The Go Master manages to be utterly playable and very well produced. And, thus, it can keep you playing for very long stretches, not at the least because it offers you three of the most used version of the game: 19x19, 13x13 and 9by9. For beginners, the smaller sized Go boards are the better ones, for starters because they keep the matches shorter and because they are not as challenging tactically. Then you can progress to the later ones and see how that changes the core gameplay. It's a very intense and very satisfying board game, go, a simpler more streamlined and more tactically challenging game in some ways, if you will, more like Checkers than Chess but make no mistake, this is not a predetermined game; nope, it can be quite hard to master, and playing at the top takes a lot of smarts and exercise. So make sure you have it in your collection, it's a well done game.

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