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Othello in 3D, with a few ideas of its own

Kengi is almost an Othello the board game digitization, however this version takes the freedom to bring a little innovation to the recipe, which, while not turning the game on its head, still manages to create its very own kind of game, that differs, even if ever so slightly from the basic original game. It's alright though, it's a playable mix, and the 3D board and the other eye candy additions actually don't feel out of place. The idea of the game is that the pieces stack, on top of one another; this can lead to different kind of attacks from the basic, one square, one piece game. So, the 3D is not just a visual gimmick, but an integral part of the game. The Kengi piece, is also a new introduction in the roaster of pieces, and this one does a good job of taking the game to a different direction, making it a lot more complex in terms of the way it plays and the way it feels. So, overall, Kengi is a cool game, not as gimmicky as you'd expect, given the third dimension taking a central role in the game, and also, with mouse controls, or controls via the keyboard, however you feel more comfortable with. Else, classic Othello games a a dime a dozen and you can try those!

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