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Can you believe it's as old as it is?

I would assume that bringing the rules of a semi intricate board game as Mahjongg to life couldn't have been that difficult. I mean, they (the hard working developers at large!) managed to produce Chess games that were able to put on a fight, think strategically and actually play a mighty hand of chess, even before 86, but what really stands out as amazing is the level of detail, graphical and otherwise that was poured into this very old of games. So, it looks great, it plays great, it has that very same appeal of Solitaire though in a different shape and form and it can create addictions that are long lasting and really not appealing for bosses that look to find you not working! Another thing that I appreciate is that the developers did a great job at allowing you to control the game, which is as neat and as immediate as the rest of it all, which is really something to consider, especially for these older experiences. Anyway, don't say I didn't warn you, whether it's this 86 release or the Win7 included game, it's gonna grow on you, so be careful how you play it! It can take you from actually getting some w...

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