Project Neptune

Action 1988 Dos Infogrames Cartoon Flight shooter

Simple but enjoyable Bond-style adventure

This is a neat, if rather unknown, little slice of 1980s-style retro fun which is perfect for those craving some old-school comic book action. As legendary secret agent Robert 'Rip' Steel, players are sent to hunt down the evil Yellow Shadow and destroy his underwater mining bases. The game is one of those where there are several different styles to play, depending on what action you are trying to carry out. Rip has access to his own personal sub, the Remora, which is piloted in first-person perspective, but switches to a third-person view when you get attacked by enemy subs. One of your other tasks is laying mines to sever the connection between the Yellow Shadow's bases, which is done in side-scrolling fashion, with players required to hunt out the right place to place the mine, while using their speargun to take out any hostile underwater life. Operation Neptune makes for quite an entertaining ride, with its mix of James Bond-style action and thrills, while its almost open-world feel gives it the air of a tactical shooter. Swift reactions are required for most of the game, but as Yellow Shadow is expanding his bases while you are knocking them out, an element of strategy also comes into play. While many games fail to get such a mix right, Project Neptune is largely successful. Graphically, the game is pretty decent, with a nicely detailed interior for the Remora and some cool underwater seascapes to explore and everything moves at a reasonable pace. If you are looking for something a little unusual, Operation Neptune is well worth hunting out and provides some good old-fashioned entertainment.

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