Firehouse Rescue

Action 1988 Dos GameTek Driving Top down

Rescue the pets and the people!

Firehouse Rescue is a tie in game that was released to advertise new lines of fire truck toys produced by Fisher-Price. As such, you can't really expect a lot from this game; still, for an advertorial kind of production, I can say that it plays well enough; it consists of two parts; one of the game's portions is dedicated to driving a fire truck; you move through a top down city, and have to be as fast as possible to reach your target. Once there, you will have to save a pet (kittens, mostly) from where they've gotten themselves, usually high places, where it is quite hard to reach. This is just a bundle of finding the right place to stop, and then press a few buttons. The driving part too is pretty unsatisfying, and the game has a plastic feel to it; the truck looks like a Fisher-Price toy and so is styled the entire little town where you will be moving about through. Controls wise, this is also a pretty alright, yet unimpressive game, so be warned, unless you like kid's games, this can be quite a disappointment. A better alternative can be 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2, if you want to wield a truck that is simulation heavy and very satisfying.

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