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Play as a mechanical robot

All Mechwarrior video games were classic games, because the programmers really allowed the virtual world to come to life and the virtual battle to take place on a 3-dimensional landscape. The game designers also tried to make the game as an attempt at a robot war simulator too, which makes the game even more interesting as you are controlling giant robots, or "Mechwarriors" as the game calls them. The Mechwarrior games were a hit for Activision, spawning many sequels like Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries. This was the game that really made the programmers at Activision a well known brand into the 1990's. You get a mini map at the bottom of the screen that displays your stats as well as where you are on the level and where the enemy mechwarriors are. You can choose your Mechwarrior characters with varying skills as well as buy and sell mechanical parts and weapons in between rounds, which is a feature sadly, the later releases seem to be missing. It is a good nostalgic game to return to. The game can also be compared to Terra Nova: Strike Force Centaury in the way you get to play as a first person robot.

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