Action 1996 Windows Interplay Myth and legend 3D action adventure

3D shooting action with diverse variety

It is a 3D shooter game which has a lot on offer to shooter game lovers. The 3D shooting action in this game is far from being typical because the shooting dynamics and the weaponry in it are quite different in how they work. The plot is that there are two deity who have their own war factions and they fight to gain power. Vast deserts, the Egyptian style flight suits and the action in the game is what you do not normally see and that is a big plus to the game. You will combat with both ground and air forces and have a wide variety of weapons for every mission. There are 24 missions in total and every mission is tougher than the previous one. Despite the tough missions, you can master the game because they have designed a very good interface and the controls work perfect while you do all the actions. You have different aerial and ground moves to use to destroy the enemies and the flow of the terrain in the game makes the gameplay quite smooth and fun. Some cinematic sequences have also been incorporated in the game which are quite entertaining and thrilling. For those who have played the likes of Messiah will love this game.

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