Scaryfish III

Simulation 1999 Windows PMP Software Fishing Sports

Gone fishin'

For fans of Sega Bass Fishing and Deep Sea Challenge comes this old-school but surprisingly enjoyable and quirky little fishing game. If you can get past the retro basic visuals there's quite a bit of fishing fun to be had here, so if that sound like your bag, then check this out. As you might expect from the title, this isn't your run of the mill fishing game and although you'll be catching your fair share of minnows and trout, there are also plenty of more vigorous fish to snare, from catfish to sharks. Before setting out on your fishing adventure, you'll need to pick your rod, tackle, hooks and other bits of mysterious equipment, before setting out on your boat (or staying a bit closer to dry land if you're a bit wobbly on boats). you can choose to start out as a penniless angler, with your catches earning you cash to buy new gear and visit exotic locales, or you can just start out with all the cool stuff and concentrate on catching those fish. There are a number of records to aim for, but watch out as there are some you might not want to see your name! Scaryfish III is a bit of an oddity and it's not going to be for everyone. Fishing is by its very nature a past time that is difficult to translate into video gaming form but if you have tried other simulators and enjoyed them, then you'll probably have a good time here. There's plenty of equipment to try out and the fish are challenging beasties to catch so you will need patience to succeed here. If you've got it though, then this is definitely one for you.

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