Strategy 2002 Windows dP-Software Isometric Role Playing

Survival strategy game

It is a survival game based on strategy and resource management and has a very good plot to it. The plot is that you are shipwrecked and driven on some equatorial island which the game engine randomly generates as you play along. Now your goal is to survive on the island for as long as possible so that you can be rescued by some passing by ship. You have to do everything that is needed for survival and this involves collecting food, bushes and water and making huts and SOS signals. The resources are very limited and you have to use them with a strategic approach so that you can use them longer and can survive for a long time. The graphics in the game are based on small isometric view which is not inviting at all. It is the role playing and management elements in the game which I like the most. The user interface is simple but good enough and the controls are fine-tuned with the gameplay. They are many different objects that you will collect on the island and that have their varied used. The game is overall entertaining but there are far better ones like Acropolis.


Schiffbruch is fun little survival game. You play a man shipwrecked on a random game-generated island. Here you attempt to make signs for passing ships to spot you and generally survive long enough to get off. The rescue meter works on a random percentage chance and even a single S.O.S. with a 1 percent chance could possibly get you off the island on the first day. The game can be slightly tricky at first, with food being scarce and it seems impossible to get a tent set up. However, you have the ability to mix different objects which you pick up and a certain mixture early on can help you progress a lot faster. All in all its a fun game, and with the randomly generated islands each time is different.

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