The Sting!

Strategy 2001 Windows neo Software Produktions Organized forces Isometric

A fantastic burglary sim

This game, much like it's unfortunately lesser known predecessor The Clue!, concentrates on the noble art of thievery. The game takes all that made the Clue good and gave it 3D graphics and more options. You play with Matt Tucker, and you begin as a simple crook and slowly work your way up to the former glory you once had. The gameplay is all the same, think of the place to do the crime, acquire accomplices, get the necessary tools and get going! You start with very little money and the simplest of tools, but you're a good thief and you can make use of that to get yourself more money and more serious tools. There are two phases of the game - the planing and the live phase. In the first one, you freely roam the city in beautiful 3D, talk to people and make plans for the heist, and in the other one, you get to perform the heist, but very carefully, otherwise you're toast. The game is as good as the last one, maybe even better. It's still as thrilling and exciting as it was, and has retained the same sense of humor. This is just what the great Clue! needed.

How to be a theft

If you want to know what a burglar life is you must play The Sting! Yes, this game will allow you simulating different kind of theft, entering the houses and stealing money or any other worth item. It's quite original, unless it can become boring after a while. The good thing is the way it starts, with easier levels to help you understand all you can do during gameplay. Sure, it is not GTA, but it's quite entertaining.

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