Super Solvers: Treasure MathStorm

Puzzle 1992 Dos The Learning Company Education Math or logic

Addictive and enjoyable educational game

If you're trying to get your kids into their homework, then educational games can often be the way to go and Treasure MathStorm is actually a pretty decent attempt at a maths-based adventure. Aimed at five-to-nine year olds, the game sends players onto the snow-capped peaks of Treasure Mountain and tasks them with gathering scattered treasure and returning it to a chest at the mountain's peak. There are three levels to be explored, but the later levels cannot be reached until you have found the necessary supplies, like ice axes and ladders, and which are obtained by helping out the locals with their maths-based problems. For youngsters, these problems are a great way to get their head around things like time and money and the adventure-style gameplay may even make them forget they are learning, as enjoyable as it is. The graphics too are highly appealing, and while fairly simple, they are bright and vibrant, with characterful sprites that are clean and well defined. As an educational game, this is pretty addictive fair and the target audience should find it both entertaining and useful. Adults too might even find themselves having just one more go!

Climb the mountain by solving math problems

This is another great game from the Super Solvers series by The Learning Company, Treasure Cove and Treasure Mountain being another two great additions. This educational game is made to teach kids from five to nine years old about math and math problem solving. The objective of Treasure MathStorm! is to return all of the treasures hidden across the mountain to the treasure chest in the castle at the top of the mountain. To get to the top of the mountain and retrieve chest of treasures, you have to get certain items, and you get those by solving various math problems. As usual, the game does a fantastic job of combining fun and education. Even adults will be tempted to play the game because it's so fun! The usually fantastic graphics and sound effect easily make this game one of the better ones in this great educational game series. Good job, Lerning Company!

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