Games People Play

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Gin, Cribbage, checkers and backgammon

Aptly titled (yet, I'd argue, incompletely!) Games People Play is a bundle of social boar and card games (that people play!) and a rather well done assortment. As I noted in the title you get a good gin simulation, also a cribbage sim, a nice checkers simulation and a rather unsatisfying backgammon game. This later game, Backgammon suffers from a lack of smart decisional play form the AI, but it can be great for those that want to have the board game in digital format, for multiplayer matches. In fact, all the games can be played in multiplayer, and this is the best way to experience them (after you've used the AI to learn the basics, if you weren't familiar with them already). The AI is not too smart, but I guess it figures; this is after all a budget game, well done indeed but not too polished, in all honesty. True, backgammon, which I criticized a moment earlier, comes in more than one flavors – there's a traditional sim, a Dutch variation as well as the Plakoto version (which some consider a different game all in all). Playable, and satisfying, but try to play against human opponents. Else, download Hoyle's Book of Games - Volume 1, a well done game bundle, mostly card based.

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