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Italian version of a card game

Uno is an Italian inspired card game. In parts it shares ideas with Solitaire but there are 3 decks of cards stacked on top of eachother, and also a color card with which you have to match as many cards from your decks (Only one, however, is available at any one time). At any rate, the game is entirely in Italian and so, you'll have to know that language if you plan to have a go at the game. At any rate, graphically, the game is built inside a windowed panel that looks like it could have been inspired by Win 95 or win 98. But, other than that, you control it with your mouse, it doesn't seem to have any bugs, and you can save your scores. I bet, if you know Italian, this can be the perfect timewaster if you get bored of Solitaire! Oh, and another advantage of the game, you can play it on your own, and can choose from a few settings such as, timed play, number of cards, the way your performance is measured and also, you can choose from a few different color stacks of cards. Perfectly fit for occasional play!

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