Harrier Attack

Arcade 2002 Windows Vertical shooter

Well executed horizontal shooter, minimalist yet engaging

There were a couple of titles that played like this one, horizontal shooters that were easy to code on the ZX Spectrum simply because they didn't take a lot of time to produce. Heck, they were even distributed as text based programs that you had to input (and correct the code of at times!) keyboard style. Anyway, the original which is the basis that spawned this one was a CPC title that was freely distributed in the demo tape cassette of that one. This 2002 fan remake does little to change things up, expect for a few good changes of the graphics. But not too much, even the color scheme, with the original CPC colors has been kept, which ads a lot to the veracity of the game. So, with these considerations in mind I would say that Harrier Attack is worth it. It's sufficiently fast paced, it's got that immediately recognizable control and scope and it surely knows how to offer you a very satisfying gameplay reprise. Overall, Harrier Attack plays great, will remind you of River Raid (except that River was vertically aligned) and will give you lots of fun bits to take the tedium out of it!

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