Wild Metal

Strategy 1999 Windows Gremlin Interactive Science Fiction Arcade style

Too good to be free!

Count your blessings everyone, because here we have a mighty finely executed action game, very immersive and atmospheric, also pretty meaty, which, believe it or not was released absolutely for free, no strings attached by the developers, DMA Design. However, the game was done in collaboration with Rockstar, which is why the quality is so high. And if you don't know who Rockstar is, well, let me remind you: they were the ones responsible for the Grand Theft Auto series, series which, as we all know, is one of the best car centric, free roaming series in existence. At any rate, this game looks amazing too, it's a mighty fine 3D one, with nice looking environments as well as with quality animations and controls. And, with that in mind, coupled with a story where this planet called Tehnic is experiences some issues, and you have to get in and try to make it right, you have the perfect recipe for a very well produced game, that will see you satisfied and offer you just the right amount of backstory to keep you playing. See it played along with Scrapland and you can be sure you'll have a mighty fine experience.

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