Aces of the Pacific

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox Dynamix World Wars Historical Military flight

Combat flight sim that is still playable

Oldschool flight game Aces of the Pacific manages to offer you so much with so little: it has unbelievably detailed terrains for its period, it packs a good deal of epoque specific missions, and, furthermore, these missions are diverse in gameplay as well. One neat example of attention to detail is the interior of the cockpits, which not only that they look as close to the originals that they try to emulate as possible, but the instruments are actually displaying relevant information about the altitude, inclination and so on. Then again, this is a 93 release, so, while I'd argue this was a pretty realistic game for its era, I'm not quite sure that many would feel as I do. Though truly, the physics that guide your plane are truly worthy and detailed, and I feel pretty realistic. So, ultimately, the struggle or the question will end up being whether you are in for graphical realism or for a slice of the era's offerings. But then again, there's always Microsoft Flight Simulator for more advanced graphical content, and Aces of the Pacific is a pretty balanced game for its time period. I say you won't be disappointed with it.

Got what it takes to become an ace?

Developed by Dynamix, Aces of the Pacific will make you truly feel like an ace pilot during the second World War. The game offers historical missions, which can be played in either campaign or single mission mode, missions like the attack or defense of Pearl Harbor (you can choose to play as either an American or Japanese pilot), the battle of Midway and many other missions that took place on the Pacific. Players are also offered to fight famous World War 2 aces, but they only appear in the campaign mode. The gameplay experience differes, depending on what you are playing. Personally, I would recommend to use a joystick for a much better experience. The game, most of the time, offers a great and epic dogfight experience.

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