Sentinel Returns

Puzzle 1998 Windows Psygnosis Reflex oriented

A fantastic remake

Sentinel returns is a 3D enhanced and beautified remake of a 1986 game hit Sentinel, a powerful and mind cracking puzzle game. The game is rather complex. You are a telepathic robot, and you are down a deep pit. The Sentinel, who you must defeat, is very high above you. You have the ability to absorb the energy of things around you and project that energy into your clones which you put on alcoves above you, transfering your essence along with it and that is your means of transport. You can't move otherwise. To defeat the Sentinel, you have to get higher than the sentinel in order to absorb his energy. It might sound easy, but it really isn't. Those were the basics, but it is much more complicated than that. It's very hard and brain challenging, so people will find them selves occupied for hours on end thinking of how to do this. As mentined before, this is the powered and graphically enhanced version of the game and it did a really good job in making the experience more realistic. The dark surroundings and grim music give the game a dark and dangerous look which only makes it more exciting. I tell you, the fans of the old Sentinel will be thrilled, and new players will be amazed by the complexity and originalitiy in this weird, but great game.

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