Oxyd Magnum

Puzzle 1998 Dos Dosbox Dongleware Reflex oriented

Pipes like but with its own unique twist

Kind of a pompous name this game has, but never mind; what it boils down to in the end is a sort of Pipes puzzler but one that doesn't serve you the piping one by one. Instead it is already arranged on the playing grid but in a disorderly fashion. Each segment of piping can pivot and thus, you have to find the right/best position for each particular segment of piping so that you can establish a continuous line that can take up the required quantity of fluid. Of course, each individual level has some other challenges as well, as there is also a bit of lever play action here and there, but in the end this is a pure blood puzzler, and a very enjoyable one, I might add. The game even bothers with a plotline, something involving some digital creatures trying to stay away from the dangerous effects of oxidation (wow, nice story, there!) and so, your puzzle solving skills will save silicone lives! Sweet, very sweet! Graphically, Oxyd Magnum is a nice, 2D game, well done with graphics that aren't no revelation but work as they're supposed to. Give it a try if you want to save some silicone or just have a love for puzzlers!

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