Tales of The Float Land

Puzzle 1998 Windows Compile Reflex oriented

Combination of MtG card and the Life board game

Here's an interesting mix of gameplay styles: on one hand you have the turn based creatures/armies brawling card game, in the style of Magic The Gathering. On the other hand you have a Life board game kind of tactics, a sort of RISK large scale but small in scope wargame. At any rate, the combination works better than expected. The idea is that the macro, the large scale strategy is bound to the boardgame portion, while the micro, the tactical portion is resolved by means of the card game. Thus, those two elements combined create unique gameplay mechanic and a unique style. It's also a very light game, as in, a very non violent game, great for family play or for children. Yes, it's not all flowers and rainbows, but it sure is not a basement heavy game, it's a lite and well produced game that will really offer you a satisfying if joyful strategic experience, all in TBS styles, one card based, the other top down wargaming styled, the combination of which really works well, is well polished and conducive to really long play sessions!

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