The Sentinel

Puzzle 1986 Dos Dosbox Firebird Software Reflex oriented

Truly a mindgame

The Sentinel is a mind blowing puzzle game (in loss of a better term) that is higly addictive, mind cracking and very, very intriguing. The game goes like this - you start the game in space and must get to an island. When you finish your work on one island you get to go to the next. What do you do on that island? Well, the whole island is designed like a board of some kind, with ledges on different latitudes. On the top of each island is the Sentinel, the main bad guy, who you must defeat. And the way to do it is with a kind of energy management system. You can absorb the energy from things around you, which enables you to replicate yourself on a different position, thus moving throughout the level. The Sentinel can also absorb energy, and you are his sweetest treat. So, be careful not to cross his path until you are ready for it. This whole game of cat and mouse is a highly addictive and time consuming trial of mind that will make you frustrated as well as amazed by the ingenious design of this game. The graphics are not much, but that is to be expected of a game of this age. Therefore, if you find this version too old timey, I urge you to check out the remake from 1998, Sentinel Returns, which adds beautiful 3D graphics, while retaining all that has made this game as fantastic and powerful as it is now. Truly a legendary game!

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