Ulysses and the Golden Fleece

Adventure 1981 Dos Sierra On-Line Graphical IF

For diehard graphic adventure fans only

A variation on the text adventure, the graphic adventure game adds in some simple visuals to maintain gamers' interest, but retains the reliance on vivid written descriptions to maintain interest. This early offering from Sierra On-Line, better known for the Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry series, is an intriguing effort that provides a good storyline and charming visuals but suffers slightly from a limited interface. As the name suggests, the game is based around the Greek legend of Ulysses and his hunt for the Golden Quest and as Ulysses, players must explore, solve puzzles and interact with the various characters that inhabit the world. Navigation is achieved through a fairly standard two-word command parser, requiring players to input the appropriate words in order to move, talk and use items in their quest. This is one area where the game falls down in comparison to similar releases from the period, as the options available are slightly limited, and for newcomers especially, it can be tricky getting your head around the right combination of words to use. Visually, the game retains a sort of dated charm, with bright environments that are undeniably crude and lacking in detail, but which still seem to work perfectly. Sound is practically non-existent and best ignored really, but a bigger problem is the quest itself, which just isn't as interesting as its setting suggests, while the puzzles aren't overly stimulating either. For anyone curious about graphic adventures, The Hobbit is the classic of the genre and is the one to seek out, but Ulysses is one for diehard fans only.

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