Calixto Island

Adventure 1983 Dos Dosbox Mark Data Products Graphical IF Mystery

Puzzler adventure in interactive fiction; island bound!

Calixto Island is a remote place, but even its remoteness hasn't managed to keep it from the predatory claws of thieves. Nope, that did not happen, what happened is that an unknown group has stolen the treasure of the museum on the island, and you, the mighty investigator, must find out what happened there, and maybe, find out why. And guess what, you will find it, but not that easily. Plus, as is the style of these games, what seems just like a simple act of thievery seems to have a much more sprawling underbelly, a much more intense background. Granted, Calixto Island is still a moderately alright (!) looking game, and the puzzles and the general situations you'll deal with are nothing too original. But, nonetheless, that does little to take away from the game, quite on the contrary. Anyway, I do recommend it, for those that love adventure games, and for those that like mysteries unfolding. I found it similar in quality to Treasure Island, which I recommend you should download also. Both graphically and interactivity wise are similar.

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