Fahrenheit 451

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Interactive fiction based on Bradburys eponymous fiction

Although it is aided by graphic inserts, this is a text based game, which asks you to make certain narrative choices at times. The backbone of the game is based on the Fahrenheit 451 novel, though, as some would argue, the interesting bits of that story were left out, maybe because of a lack of understanding from the part of the developers, maybe to suit some mid 80s political correctness bias (or something!). The game also asks you to solve some logic based puzzles here and there, maybe so you won't lose interest in the narrative, though these little interactive inserts do little to diversify the gameplay. So, to give you a bit of an idea of what to expect, know that you'll play the role of a certain fireman, fireman, not as in aid in extinguish fires, but , rather, make sure no books ever written make it to the future. Yap, it's a dystopia narrative, but in all frankness, you'd wish the floppy this game was written onto got the burning man treatment instead. And that's because the game is just too boring, and the nice novel portions that made the paper classic a classic are all but missing. Want dystopia in your game? Rather go for A Mind Forever Voyaging, from Infocom, or the less serious Back to the Future games or one of my favorites, Beneath a Steel Sky, a classic point and click and with a revealing and fun story to tell.

About the plot

For the reviews complaining about the plot, the game is meant to be a sequel to the book and was actually written by Ray Bradbury; so maybe you should just accept it as a canon-acceptable sequel. Besides the game is 25 years old you can't complain about the gameplay or graphics. Either way, the other reviews are being far to critical, yes there are tigers, did you expect a game with no enemies to fight, did you just want to walk around, if you want a version of the book, start reading the book, its quite good.

Not worth the 250 kilobytes

Being a small download, youd expect a terrible game and thats exactly what you get from this game. Its depicture from the book is terrible, game play is shocking, there is no enjoymet that can be found from this game. All this is topped off with the honestly shocking (although designed in 1986) graphics. Not worth the 250 kilobytes.

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