Serious Sam 2

Action 2005 Windows 1C Company Shooter Humorous Indie Shooter action

Macho Sam reloaded!

The second installment in the macho infused Serious Sam series is both an iterative update as well as a qualitative upgrade to the shooting gallery that it is; basically, when it comes to SS games all you need to know is this: they are many, you are one; you have lots of bullets, of all kinds, they are persistent! Shoot them, shoot them all! From time to time, the protagonist you'll be wielding around is going to shout a few one liners, in the style of Terminator, but the atmosphere, in spite of the huge numbers of enemies is very lite and funny. Additions include new, more flashy graphics, more enemies, some of which are quite hardy and have unexpected attacks, and as I mentioned better graphics. Nope, the enemies are not smarter, so don't expect a lot of fussing about. Except for the mechanic arachnoids, most of the enemies don't need to be dodged from a distance, you don't need to hide from them. Else, it's a shooting fest, a very long and twisted one, with an alien invasion story, in the style of Sam. If you want a similar but darker shooting gallery game, download Painkiller, the other heavy weight of the genre.

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