Serious Sam: The First Encounter

Action 2001 Windows Croteam Aliens invasion Shooter Sci fi

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Serious Sam is a boot to the face to the other shooters of its day, and to current generation shooters. There's no convenient chest-high cover, no regenerating health, no 2-weapon limit. It's a throwback to the ridiculously over-the-top action games that seemed to die out. It out-Duke's, Duke Nukem. Serious Sam turns on the lights when Doom 3 took them out. Serious Sam gives vast open environments and floods the screen with enemies big and small. Sam has a wise cracking personality like Duke, something we've been waiting 12 years to see again. The weapons are ridiculous, like a cannon that shoots cannon balls to roll over enemies. Knowing it was going to be criticized for it's ultra violence, you can turn the blood and gore to green, blue, or even pretty pretty flowers. There are deathmatch modes and cooperative through the main single-player campaign. That was something I'd sorely missed in the crop between Serious Sam 1 and 2. I'm truly amazed what the developers at CroTeam were able to do, and that they were allowed to go so far against the grain of what the other successful games of the day were doing. Looking back, or looking forward, Serious Sam is a unique experience of chaos and lots of explosions. You're cheating yourself if you don't try it.

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