No One Lives Forever

Action 2000 Windows Fox Interactive Shooter Humorous

Classic FPS game with some serious action and fun

It is classic first person shooter game that involves some real action and a great in depth variety in terms of the options. You will work as an agent of a company that need to save the world from harm. The plot may seem to be quite conventional but it has a lot of diversity once you start playing the game. Being a secret agent game, you will have a lot of surprises to counter. You will get to use some really interesting and stealth gadgets which can be easily disguised form the enemies. Lipstick explosives is only one example of how innovative they have gone with the gadgets. Similarly you will find many other items that are hidden at various levels. There are many interesting and some humorous scenarios which make the game quite fun to play. The display features or the graphics are very good and the gameplay is better than many in this genre. The variety that they have introduced in this game has been liked by majority of the FPS game lovers. The music is also very catchy though a bit old to my liking. Well I can recommend this game to anyone any day.

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