Action 1997 Windows ESD Games Shooter Humorous

Repetitive, Quake like FPS

Quiver could have been an ok shooter start to finish, and at times it actually manages to be, for short periods of time, but then the very repetitious nature of the levels becomes evident. Most of the map elements are re-used, the overall designs lacks diversity or a more thoughtful structure. So, what you're left with is a list of weapons and enemies in areas that never feel anything than reshuffled stock ones. The graphic elements are in the same ballpark, rather simple, repetitious, not too much work emanates from them and neither too much originality. Doom like, Quake like, that's pretty much the graphic direction. In terms of controls and feel, you won't have many issues, but at times the targeting/collision detection will feel a bit finicky. At any rate, if you must play a Doom/Quake like, Quiver sure fits the bill, but it's nothing to go crazy about. It's the kind of game that will only appeal to avid FPS fans that love the 90s so much they don't much care for actual good design and overall sharpness.

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