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Lame but revealing!

Before Duke Nukem 3D surfaced in its proper final stage, the developers hadn't quite acquired their extreme love for the best game ever, and were not as opposed to showcasing their efforts done at that point; and this is it for LameDuke, it is a beta version of a few levels of what will soon become Duke 3D. Naturally, the game is pretty lame in terms of quality of the content, as the developers rushed it out and thus used some really simple and repetitive skins for the surfaces of some levels. But, as you can imagine the fans were thankful for this little snippet into the game, and for what it was worth, it sure was alright. Naturally the game is thus a 3D shooter, but you have to remember (and it is not hard to remember, as the game never lets you forget!) that this is just a beta. The creativity and the developers trying out all sort of things is there, the seed of creativity is present throughout the game, and therefore you will have no issues finding the game very interesting as a sort of testament that the developers were on a creative streak! At any rate, don't judge this beta too harshly and remember the time before the developers had to think themselves gods and take an eternity to produce another game!

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