Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

Action 2002 Windows 1C Company Aliens invasion Shooter Sci fi

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Seriously Good Fun

If you're looking for The Second Encounter, hopefully you know what The First Encounter is. Also, you should know that this is not Serious Sam 2. That's an entirely separate game. The Second Encounter is like one long mod or expansion pack to The First Encounter. There are new levels, new weapons, and the difficulty bar has been raised. The story picks up immediately where The First Encounter left off, not that story is the driving force behind a Serious Sam game. Serious Sam has always been about over the top action, rooms full of enemies, huge enemies and swarms of tiny ones, just a dash of puzzles, beautiful outdoor environments, mixed with silliness and one-liners. It's a parody of action shooters while actually being a better experience than the genre it parodies. I finished The First Encounter, which was a decent challenge. I was sad when it was over. I loaded up The Second Encounter and it felt like the learning curve was increased a bit. The challenges were trickier, the enemies were more numerous and bigger, it's everything that a Serious Sam player could want. This is as good an entry to the series as any. No cover based shooting, no regenerative health. It's a classic, almost “retro” mindset, for shooters. And it delivers!

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