The Manhole

Puzzle 1988 Dos Activision Education Cartoon

Educating and exciting puzzle game

The Manhole is a puzzle game which features cartoonish characters that are attractive both for children and teens. The game is also a good educational pursuit which not only sharpens one's mind but also educates them with different tactics. There are many exciting and interesting cartoonish animations which are depicted by different character. The educational theme is hidden at different places and in conversation with different characters like a rabbit. It is filled with many locations which are hidden for the players to explore with their curiosity to check on every other path. Colorful characters, education and sheer fun are the basic themes that goes behind every stage in this game. The one click interface that the game has is designed to make it easy for being operated by even small kids. This feature might not be liked by the adults one but believe me when I say that is quite exciting. It's a great recommendation for little kids because apart from giving them fun and excitement, it also brings the element of education on board. Playroom is another game which is quite similar to Manhole and it also has some good and educating puzzles.

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