Shadow Force: Razor Unit

Action 2002 Windows Activision Military Role playing Military FPS

Budget shooter game with 10 levels and 2 enemies

It's a bad sign when you can pretty much sum up a shooter game in the title in its entirety. But, with Shadow Force: Razor Unit this is what you get: a short and uninspired game with 10 desert themed levels and an assortment of enemies that consists of 2 (two!) types of fighters. To be frank, not even the included levels are original, rather they seem like less fleshed out version of the Serious Sam's 1 and 2 desert levels. So, if that doesn't put you off, let's take a look at the story of the game. You play as the Air Force Special Group operative and are sent to the middle east, and you will be part of the Army Rangers teams, supporting them in their missions. Kind of bland sounding, but wait, there's more: once you get to play none of the story checks out; you simply are tasked with moving from point A to point B, while having to produce as much mayhem as possible. So, as one can easily see, Shadow Force: Razor Unit doesn't really even try to offer you anything at least interesting, but rather hopes you'll just pick the game up, almost mistakenly, given the low budget price.

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