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Hack into virtual reality

Neuromancer is a computer adventure game (like Matrix) released in 1988 by Mediagenic and it is loosely based on the novel with the same name by William Gibson. It is set both in the real world and the world of cyberspace from the game. The game is set in future Japan, and you play the protagonist who needs to find out the truth about the dissapearance of his friends and some other people and you have to go to cyberspace, because thats where they are lost. You get into the cyberspace via a brain jack you have on the back of your head. The game is part 2D and part 3D. The going around town part is 2D, with a point and click game play. When you get into cyberspace, the game goes 3D. If you try to widen the range of access areas in the cyberspace, you will have to engage into combat, something like breaking the defenses of that area. You kill the blocking entity by sending software which are sort of a energy ball, eventually frying it, and the entity will try to do the same back to you. The character can pump up his skills and abilities by purchasing so called skill chips that can be inserted in your brain through your brain jack. Something like Neo instantly learning kung fu in the Matrix. The gem of the game, as in most good adventure game, is the story line. But I cant reveal it to you because you will lose part of the thrill that is in the game. The game has okay graphics for that time, and the 3D visuals while in the cyberspace was an achievement back then. There is almost no sound so there is nothing to say about that. Overall gaming enjoyment is very good. It wasnt for nothing that this game is rated as one of the best adventure games of all time.

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